The Weaver of Tapestries

A desire to revisit and explore the social dynamics and fun that can be had from tabletop gaming, a group of people joined up to play a hybrid version of AD&D first and second editions.

The Players

Tharsis of Easting, a priest with a strong inclination towards mysteries

Íomhar, A ranger highly skilled with a bow and with more than a few friends among the animals

Ingrid, a quiet warrior woman unusual in both appearance and strength who possesses a shield that also possesses her

Zaphael, a mage deeply interested in the lost art of alchemy

Robert, son of Paul, A warrior equally fast and accurate with the bastard sword, bent on retracing his father’s footsteps

Rechtor, a gnome rogue with Tourette’s syndrome and an anvil in a haversack

The Fallen

Koyten Chetverg, a “civil engineer” with a disconcerting affinity for fire and stealing everything he can. He was euthanized via dagger for the safety of his companions, but his body parts were used in the creation of a two-headed Flesh Golem by Tarlech the Necromancer. After the party defeated this hideous construct, they found that Koyten’s head was still quite lively and able to talk a little, and so they carried it off in a leather satchel. (technically deceased. mostly dead) (Editor’s Note: if “euthanized” means he was knocked unconscious, had his head cut off and carried away in a leather bag and later thrown down a cavernous well, then yes; he was “euthanized”.)

The Weaver of Tapestries

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