The Weaver of Tapestries

Caves of Chaos; Session 8

September 24, 2013

I can’t tell this story chronologically, because it would lose impact. Therefore I’ll tell it chromatically! The most colorful parts first: We were fresh out of the frying pan and straight into the zombie apocalypse.

We were living high on the hog after beating most of the bosses, with one running away into the ethereal plane. We did a little searching around the caves to clean up any loot, but the boss that ran away had enough to loot whatever she wanted. We did find a few prisoners that were survivors, or so we thought.

Turns out their were biological time bombs.

The necromancer had developed a spell that infected these people with an undead contagion not unlike what you see in zombie movies these days. They turn fast, move fast and infect people hard. We didn’t know this at the time, but there was much debate yet again over what to do with the very dead, but very much moving anyway. Throughout the arguing, she bit someone (clue?) so Robert killed her. Turns out she wasn’t the only one feeling bitey. Another of the survivors bit another survivor and people started running away screaming.

Iomhar tried to chase one down. Tharsis, Robert and Ingrid stayed and tried to help the remaining survivors get back to the Keep. Zap and Richter took off to warn the Keep in case the people who ran away went that way. Along the way to the Keep, a wagon was spotted with dead people in it that had clearly been feasted on. Like I said, these things move really fast.

Zap and Richter ended up at the Keep and things were already getting out of control. Iomhar got to the Keep and ended up being arrested when he was trying to warn everyone. The population of the Keep had swollen by another 400 people who had arrived for an Autumn Festival. People in the Keep were already infected and things were getting out of hand. Zap and Richter ducked down into the sewers and tried to escape. Turns out the sewers already had undead in them (I said they were fast). Zap and Richter had to use a number of tricks to work their way out of the drainage grate and tumbled down the hillside, where they ducked into the woods and hid.

Iomhar managed to talk his way out of trouble and met up with Tharsis, Robert and Ingrid.

I’ll finish writing this thing tomorrow.

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Caves of Chaos, Session 9

Ok, so that’s a lie. It isn’t exactly the “Caves of Chaos” so much as it is the transition into the exploration and inevitable total domination of Quasqueton!

I know what you are thinking: what the flying French hell does that mean? I am not really sure. It is a name that has kept popping up at various points in our adventures thus far. So far we think it is a place, that it can be accessed from the Caves of Chaos, and that it is spooky.

That’s about it.

Tharis, with a few well placed spells relating to stone movement and management, has managed to burrow us a lovely tunnel into the entrance of Quasqueton. Other than a few Magic Mouths telling us to get bent, the coast seems clear. We traveled down a hallway that tapered off the right, with Richter leading the way, checking for traps, and Iomvar close behind as his overwatch, and Ingrid guarding. Tharsis and Zaphael were in the middle, and a very oddly acting Robert was rear security.

We came to an intersection that went off in three directions. A few more checked and disarmed traps and a few picked locks later, and we find a chest with a key inside, guarded by nothing more than another magic mouth. It turns out the opposing hallway back at the intersection contained someth


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