Shield of Quasqueton

Medium sized shield with a face


Intelligent Medium Shield +2
Neutral Good
INT 13

Innate Abilities

  • Lvl 2 Fighter or Shield Proficiency: Interpose (Reduce dmg by 75%) if opponent rolls a natural 20 to hit. 15% chance, +5% per level.
  • Lvl 4 Fighter or Shield Proficiency: When struck by a blow from a melee weapon that would reduce shield holder’s HP to less than 1, 25% chance of Interpose and absorb enough damage to leave the character at 1 HP.

Invoked Abilities

  • Any Level: “Rogahn” and face on the shield will open mouth and scream, Horn of Blasting:
    Cone of Sound, 120 ft long and at base, Stunned for 1 round (1st ed. DM Guide, p.146). After invoked, shield is quiet and unresponsive (loses all but normal 2 bonuses) for 1d31 days.

*3rd Level: 1/day, “Quasqueton” and for 3-12 rounds is a +5 shield and glows faintly purple.
*4th Level: 1/day, invoke Protection from Normal Missiles
*5th Level: 1/day, invoke Protection from Normal Missiles 10’ Radius
*7th Level: 1/day, invoke Minor Glove of Invulnerability


Rumors Related to Shield

In Hidden Temple, rumors of Rhogan’s Trophy Room with treasures and such

Bust of Zeligar: At Dubricus’ house (unharmed in the fire) and moved to Temple at the Keep, face same as face on shield. Horcrux of his shattered soul.

Shield of Quasqueton

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