Gray Elf Transmuter/Alchemist


(2nd Edition AD&D/House Rules)

Grey Elf; male
Transmuter 5 – Alchemist 4

Armor Class 3
Movement Rate 12”
Hit Points 14
THAC0 19
No. of Attacks 1
Alignment Lawful Evil

Str: 9
Dex: 16
Con: 14 (88%/92%)
Int: 20
Wis: 15
Cha: 13
Com: 13
(all required bonuses and penalties applied)

Weapon Proficiencies

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Class Rewards (Alchemist):
Animal Identification, Glassblowing, Metallurgy, Mineral Identification, Plant Identification.

Other: Anatomy, Fishing, Herbalism


Inexperienced in combat, but possessing more than a passing knowledge in strategy and tactics that he learned from his warrior father. He studies magic from the point of view of a trained warrior seeking to establish every advantage he can in offense and defense before the fight occurs.

Cixxir, a deep gnome alchemist and mage that is the owner of “Cixxir’s Elixirs” alchemy shop in Raven’s Bluff for whom Zaphael has worked for the last 4 years.

Pearl Finn, owner of Shark’s Finn tavern in Raven’s Bluff (0-level human).

Renowned at Kendall Keep for recovering the lost Helm of Sight for the priest; free room and board at the Keep.

Aided the D’Amberville family; recovered Debooshie’s family grimoire.

Rescued myconid community near Kendell Keep. Source of various alchemical materials (fungi).

Koyten Chetverg; 5th level thief and former companion. Killed in the Caves of Chaos due to continued reckless behavior that jeopardized party. Status: Deceased.

Mendel; caravan owner and suspected Necromancer associated with Hidden Temple in Caves of Chaos. Known slave trader. Status: Deceased.

Tarlech; Necromancer working with Mendel. Status: Deceased.

Shamhat; Priestess working with Mendel. Status: Unknown.

Alkazar; Slave trader working with Mendel. Works out of the “Silver Eel Inn” in Waterdeep. Status: Unknown.

Zaphael is 114 years old, 155lbs, 5’9” tall, pale skinned, with silver hair and amber eyes.
While most gray elves are prone to finery and shiny jewelry and armor, Zaphael has idiosyncratically chosen a style of black and white. Everything he wears is either white or black, and definitely prefers nicer clothing and a nod to his perception of his worthiness, although he is not quite as prone to decoration to the same degree as his kin.

He is very fastidious and even though he spends a lot of time outside collecting raw materials, he very carefully separates everything, labels everything, and always wears gloves when handling even harmless substances. Over his clothing, he wears a multi-piece leather apron and gauntlets for alchemical purposes (not heavy enough to offer any AC bonus; merely for splash protection).

Not particularly prone to humor or whim, he is almost always considering his next move towards the acquisition of power. His detachment and intelligence cause him to view the world in value-based terms. He equates everything into categories that either can help him or cannot help him. He tends to disregard anything that cannot aid him in some manner.

He suffers from mild-to-moderate Narcissism and Megalomania which makes him more of a bolder risk-taker than one might expect. He believes that cowards do not deserve power and is willing to risk, if it means victory. He is not a wanton gambler, though, and only takes the risk if he feels the reward is justified. This trait, however, makes him very comfortable taking certain risks (such as experimenting with potions) if he feels they could make him more powerful.

As an understudy, employee and pupil of Cixxir the Alchemist, Zaphael often finds himself running errands, making deliveries, conducting research or gathering raw materials for the creation of potions. As such, he can often be found in any wilderness setting gathering materials or traveling around conducting business on Cixxir’s behalf. This is particularly true around Raven’s Bluff, where the shop is located, and the city’s most common trading partners.

Also frequents bars and taverns to build a client base for potion sales. Regularly sells the plant derivative Catha edulis to Pearl Finn, the owner of the Shark’s Fin tavern in Raven’s Bluff. Catha edulis is a particularly addictive substance but does not offer a “high” in the traditional sense, and Pearl spikes her food and drink with the powder to increase her sales to key personnel.

Zaphael is the son of a gray elf warrior from Myth Drannor. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and train as a warrior, joining the guard as he had done, but Zaphael proved to have no talent for physical combat. Their dramatically different personalities kept Zaphael from having a close relationship with his immediate family.

In his youth, Zaphael had been fascinated with magic, the different realms and planar travel, as it is a natural affinity for the gray elves to travel back and forth between the Prime Material plane and Feywild. Zaphael’s father had no interest in such things, preferring to hone his considerable combat skills instead. Zaphael found ample sources for his interest by reading from sources easily obtainable in Myth Drannon.

Once he was old enough, Zaphael decided the only way he was going to learn more about his arcane interests, he was going to have to leave the strict and structured environment at home. This is not atypical of the gray elves in that they tend to be less emotionally attached than other elf sub-races. Zaphael decided to seek his fortune in the so-called “City of Adventures”, Raven’s Bluff. Upon his departure, Zaphael changed his last name to “Deadtree” to obscure his origins due to his sense of privacy.

Zaphael, upon arrival at Raven’s Bluff, entered into an apprenticeship to a deep gnome alchemist named Cixxir Glimmergloom. Cixxir was a mage who opened an alchemy shop during the Spellplague era. His shop is much smaller and more specialized than his chief rival’s shop, Bendekar’s Mercantile, which is located in a different part of Raven’s Bluff. Cixxir is a fairly accomplished alchemist of practical business sense who functions as a minor fence and supplier not only for adventurers, but also for several key members of the local thieves’ guild. This has helped Cixxir keep light fingers out of his shop. Since he also sells supplies to adventurers and members of local militias, guards and the like, Cixxir makes some extra gold passing some of the information along to the thieves’ guild as well. Cixxir’s shop is called “Cixxir’s Elixirs”, predictably.

Naturally, as an alchemist, Cixxir is highly interested in transmutation and has taught the basic principles of alteration and transmutation to Zaphael.


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