A quiet warrior woman unusual in both appearance and strength who possesses a shield that also possesses her.


Half-Orc Fighter (Chaotic Good)

STR 18/33 (1 to hit, +3 dmg)
WIS 13
DEX 13
CON 17 (
3 hp)

Poison +2 to ST
Resistant to Food Poisoning
60’ Infra-vision

Weapon Proficiencies:
Long Sword **** (3 hit, +3 dmg)
Shield * (Player’s Options: Skills and Powers, p.115)
Buckler, +1AC, 1 attacker
Small, +2AC, 2 attackers
Medium, +3AC, 3 attackers
Body, +3/
4 vs. missiles, 4 attackers

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:
Trapper/Furrer *
Endurance **

Common, Orcish


Ingrid doesn’t speak much, especially about her past. She was raised by her mother, Tarach, a victim of a violent human rape, and grew up hard and fast in an Orcish tribe. Fortunately for Ingrid, the leader of the tribe was Grog, a rare neutrally-aligned Orcish Shaman. While he maintained the balance and created a relatively safe haven for Ingrid and Tarach, life was not easy for the two outcasts.

Ingrid favors her human ancestry in appearance, enough to generally pass as human, and this created tension in the tribe. She was the target for any Orc wanting to prove himself and in an Oricish tribe, being a girl did not protect her from the bloody fights. She learned to fight rough and dirty at a young age to protect herself and Tarach. Though she has a relatively slow temper compared to most Orcs, she is quick to violence when faced with bullying, when she perceives power being forced onto others. While not wise enough to become a shaman herself, Gorg taught her to revere nature magic and to appreciate balance. Campfire stories of evil, magic-wielding humans and boogeyman elves taught her to be fearful of magic users but her own mixed heritage tempers this to a slight distrust. She longs to explore her human ancestry and for the thrill of adventure. Perhaps it is her low intelligence, or the influences of Grog and Tarach, or her own humanity that pulls her, but despite her hardships she has maintained a general goodwill towards others. Ingrid is growing up and her mother knows it won’t be long before her daughter leaves.

Last year, after Grog was challenged and defeated by Zug, a particularly nasty Orc that tormented Ingrid throughout much of her childhood, Ingrid and her mom fled the tribe. After wandering a safe distance away, they secured a hovel for Tarach and decided that it was time for Ingrid to explore the wide world. But even for an Orc who is proficient at hunting and plant-lore, life alone isn’t easy and Ingrid’s limited mind often wanders towards anxiety about her mother.


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