The Weaver of Tapestries

Caves of Chaos, Session 9

Ok, so that’s a lie. It isn’t exactly the “Caves of Chaos” so much as it is the transition into the exploration and inevitable total domination of Quasqueton!

I know what you are thinking: what the flying French hell does that mean? I am not really sure. It is a name that has kept popping up at various points in our adventures thus far. So far we think it is a place, that it can be accessed from the Caves of Chaos, and that it is spooky.

That’s about it.

Tharis, with a few well placed spells relating to stone movement and management, has managed to burrow us a lovely tunnel into the entrance of Quasqueton. Other than a few Magic Mouths telling us to get bent, the coast seems clear. We traveled down a hallway that tapered off the right, with Richter leading the way, checking for traps, and Iomvar close behind as his overwatch, and Ingrid guarding. Tharsis and Zaphael were in the middle, and a very oddly acting Robert was rear security.

We came to an intersection that went off in three directions. A few more checked and disarmed traps and a few picked locks later, and we find a chest with a key inside, guarded by nothing more than another magic mouth. It turns out the opposing hallway back at the intersection contained someth



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